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Sunny Skin Launches NFT collection Aussie Angels

Sunny Skin Launches NFT collection Aussie Angels

The Sunny Skin team are so excited to announce the launch of our “Aussie Angels” NFT collection on on 1.11.21 at 1pm AEST.

Imagine thousands of unique Aussie Angels hanging out by the beach in the Sunnyverse discussing ways to do good and impact important social issues including honouring our indigenous landowners, the environment, mental health, women’s health & domestic violence. She’s a unique piece of digital art that positively contributes to society. Aussie Angels are extremely cute, sunsafe, digitised Australian Animals, the first release is the iconic Kali Koala, she will be the first and rarest.

Sunny Skin Aussie Angels NFT Kali Koala

What is an NFT? 

Non-fungible means that each token is unique and cannot be substituted for another identical token. Fungible means that all tokens are interchangeable and can be treated as equivalents even if they are unique.
The term "non-fungible token" (NFT) is sometimes used to mean a digital representation of a physical asset such as a painting, gold bar, or real estate property. These assets are generally regarded as fungible, except insofar as they may be identified by serial numbers or other identifying marks.
Tokens issued on an Ethereum-based blockchain can be used in two main ways: as stores of value and as smart contracts. As stores of value any one token is fungible with any other of the same type and denomination. However, once a token has been used in a smart contract, it becomes non-fungible: its unique history is recorded on the blockchain and so it is no longer equivalent to another token that did not perform the same role in the contract.

Why is Sunny Skin launching an NFT collection?

“To be honest I just felt like there is so much negativity, fear and uncertainty in the world right now and I wanted to do something, anything to spread a bit of light. NFTs & Cryptocurrency have been on my mind for quite a while and I felt it could be a way to express myself as an extension of the Sunny Skin brand but if it ever became an avenue that generated revenue I could use that towards causes that I’m passionate about.” Danielle McDonald Co-Founder

NFTs for positive impact

Aussie Angels is the latest NFT project that is the first of its kind associated with a Skincare & Beauty brand. In addition to the Sunny Skin social justice causes, owners of an Aussie Angel will get access to special features associated with the Sunny Skin brand, details of which will be released closer to the launch date.

Opportunity for Collaboration & Entrepreneurship 

Angel token owners also become brand partners in a sense by gaining access to the intellectual property of that particular token, meaning token owners can create merchandise linked to the token art they hold without legal repercussions. This also highlights an opportunity for entrepreneurship & collaboration with other brands who share similar values.

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