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Airless Pump Bottle Benefits

Skincare dispensing technologies have come a long way since the mason jar, and while they have many functional benefits for product preservation & hygiene they also have practical benefits such as correct doses & less wastage.  

What are the downsides of droppers & jars? 

  • Most active ingredients exposed to air become oxidised & degrade. Have you ever seen a Vitamin C product turn browny orange?
  • These ingredients after becoming oxidised lose their power and you wont receive the full benefit 
  • Rancid formulae can cause free radical damage to your skin 
  • When using your fingers to scoop out a product you are also contaminating the product with foreign bacteria

So how does airless pump packaging work?

Airless pumps isolate formulations and restrict their exposure to air. This prevents product oxidation and deterioration, and the introduction of bacteria.

1.It contains a diaphragm that houses a piston mechanism.

2. A small disc is placed at the base inside the bottle prior to filling.

3. As you press the pump, the disk rises upwards, forcing the product out of the nozzle.


The pump mechanism means you may need to “prime” your product – just give a little nudge from the hold at the bottom of the bottle with a pin, earring etc.


Why airless pump bottle's are the best option for your SPF.

  • They're functional for skin & beauty therapists as it decants an exact dose.
  • It's the most hygienic form of packaging.
  • Hygiene is essential to our industry, and airless pumps are the best way to achieve this.
  • They provide less waste and more value per bottle. No more cutting a tube open and exposing the product.

Airless pumps keep the integrity of your product whilst simultaneously giving you the best value for your purchase. If you see an airless pump, you can trust that the brand values your hygiene as well as your wallet!

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