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Rise and Shine Guided Meditation

Rise and Shine Guided Meditation

Everyone’s busy these days, and sometimes there’s just not enough time to do what we want. And if there is time…sometimes we don’t have the energy. Both are excuses that I can relate to – being a mum of two little ones, and other things I've taken on recently – I'm often tired. Sometimes my mind is racing with thoughts about a million different things. This is why guided relaxations are amazing. 

I have created for you a short guided mediation to begin your day that will take you through an empowering journey of peace and focus.


Guided Relaxation

Guided relaxations can quickly transport you to the present, calming your mind and body. Especially in shorter lengths, guided meditations are a non-intimidating pleasant practice you can do daily. De-stress and completely focus on what you want to achieve today.


Frequency of Meditation

Just like skincare, consistency is key. For meditation 10 minutes a day will always beat 1 hour a week. You are the most impressionable upon waking, however realistically if you have small kids then whenever you have few minutes.

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