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The impact of Blue light, Infrared & Pollution on skin

Can antioxidants boost your sunscreen to defend against blue light? 

Many people don't realise that environmental pollution & the devices we use every day have a real impact on our skin's aging process. As a facialist, I saw firsthand how these external factors can aggressively age your skin.

Our modern digital devices emit blue light (HEV), there are some key differences in the way blue light interacts with your skin. Firstly, it is not known to cause DNA damage like UVR does, instead overexposure causes free radical production which creates oxidative stress that leads to cell and tissue damage. This process can lead to visible signs of premature ageing such as dermal thinning, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, loss of elasticity & degradation of the barrier.

Infrared radiation (IR) is thermal, it is estimated to be 54% of the sun’s radiation. The main source is from the sun however man-made devices also contribute. IR on its own has a small effect on our skin however when combined with UVR and Blue light (HEV) it causes greater damage to the deeper dermal layers compared to just UVR exposure by itself. Damage to these deeper dermal layers affect the formation of collagen, accelerating premature skin aging.

Environmental pollution like cigarette smoke, smog, dust & vehicle exhaust generate free radicals leading to oxidative stress, triggering cell & tissue damage. This type of aggressor will not only cause accelerated aging, decreased elasticity & wrinkles but all sorts of skin irritations like breakouts, acne, eczema, & rashes.

Here’s how Sunny Skin Super Sun SPF50 will protect your skin from the above effects of Blue light, Infrared & Pollution on our skin. Antioxidants boost the effectiveness of your sunscreen and ensure maximum protection, while also repairing any skin damage that may have been caused. Tomato Fruit extract was chosen as a hero ingredient for its antioxidant, DNA protection & anti-inflammatory properties. The ultimate combination of Zinc Oxide + Tomato Fruit extracts provides a robust defence, keeping your skin safe & glowing.