Sunny Skin is the first Australian Skincare brand leveraging the power of NFTs & the metaverse to build our brand & community

It's not a new thing for a brand to work with mascots to build influence and community, so when we saw the opportunity to leverage blockhain technology with building a brand we made the connection and it became something that really excited us.

As founders, Brad & I have been involved in the crypto space for a little while and have watched the evolution of NFTs from being cool art to having utility with endless use cases.

What do NFTs mean for the Sunny Skin brand?

1. They are a way to personify Sunny Skin, a way to connect & communicate on a deeper level with our community. Our NFT character Kali Koala is seen on our website & social media interacting as a real person.

2. They dont just look pretty, they also have utility. Sunny Skin is currently building token gated content & exclusive products that are only available to Kali Koala 2.0 NFT holders.
3. Collaborations, Kali is always holding a product or wearing beautiful outfits. We see NFTs as a new and additional way to collaborate with other brands & influencers.

On behalf of the Sunny Skin team, I would love to gift you with an exclusive Sunny Skin experience by receiving a limited edition Kali Koala 2.0 NFT. Just fill out the form below with your wallet address and we will send a Kali off to you right away.
*If you need to setup a wallet address for your Kali to live inside here is a helper article.

Danielle McDonald 🌻
Co Founder of Sunny Skin

  • Rarity Features

    Background: Yellow 16.6%

    Clothing: Dior inspired 13.8%

    Eyewear: White Oval Sunglasses 11.4%

    Hairstyle: Pink 10.7%

    Mouth: Red Kiss Lips 15%

    Skincare: Sunny Skin Super Sun SPF50 49.1%

  • Rarity Features

    Background: Green 16.9%

    Clothing: Anna Sui inspired 14.06%

    Eyewear: Sunflower Sunglasses 10.5%

    Hairstyle: two pigtails 14.3%

    Mouth: Pink Kiss Lips 13.7%

    Skincare: Sunny Skin Glow Filter SPF50 49.8%

  • Rarity Features

    Background: Pink 15.6%

    Clothing: Zara inspired 14.5%

    Eyewear: White Oval Sunglasses 11.4%

    Hairstyle: Long Orange Hair 7.9%

    Mouth: Red Kiss Lips 15%

    Skincare: Sunny Skin Glow Filter SPF50 49.8%

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