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Calming Guided Imagery Meditation of visual massage and 432hz healing

I have created for you a 21 minute multi sensory guided mediation that will take you through a powerful journey of stress relieving massage imagery, combined with the healing frequency of  432hz.  

Guided imagery relaxation

No longer are mind body relaxation techniques like guided imagery seen as mumbo jumbo, there are many studies that highlight the powerful physiological affect of imagery. Studies have shown  how imagery can stimulate a physiological response to your body including a change in breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, cortisol levels, pain tolerance and the firing of nerve endings as if the physical event was taking place.

Healing frequency of 432hz

Guided imagery is not the only technique studied to achieve a physiological change in your body, music is used daily on the radio, tv, movies to make us feel a certain way. So it makes sense that the more type of music or audio we listen to the more of a specific feeling or state our bodies will feel or be in.

A famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi is known for Verdi’s A, which is a music theory where A=432hz being mathematically consistent with the universe. Whether this is true or not, 432hz music is a softer, brighter & more harmonious which has been shown to have very positive physiological effect on your body.

Frequency of Meditation

Just like skincare, consistency is key. For meditation 10 minutes a day will always beat 1 hour a week. You are the most impressionable upon waking, however realistically if you have small kids then whenever you have few minutes.

With all of the above it is my intention to virtually help you relax & calm through this guided imagery meditation. I would love to hear how you feel after the 21 minutes, please drop your comments in the youtube video or here.


  • Posted by Mahni on

    Love this soo much, the frequency is so perfect.

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